Religion Raises its Pervasive Head

Everywhere you look, religion is obstructing our lives in areas it has no business interfering.

The latest impediment slathered with religious liberty is the case of Hobby Lobby vs Sebelius, as in Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Resources. Hobby Lobby, founded by fundamental Christian David Green, does not want to pay for insurance to provide the “morning after pill”, and the “week after pill”, both mandated under the Affordable Care Act, on the grounds that it is contrary to their religious beliefs. The corporation views the contraceptive medication as tantamount to abortion because they believe that life begins at conception when the egg is fertilized.

Indeed, Hobby Lobby is contending that provisions of the ACA are stepping on their religious principles and want to be exempted from the mandate regarding these pills. They have no objection to other lists of contraceptives included in the bill.

If this issue were just about Hobby Lobby’s religious convictions regarding only these drugs, the Supreme Count case might not be very important. But, the implications for the nation if SCOTUS agrees with Hobby Lobby (Conastoga Wood Specialties, Inc. and Autocam Corporation are also named in the suit with Hobby Lobby) are horrendous.

In an article published in Forbes by staff writer Clare O’Conner, dated 3/31/2014, Jon O’Brien, president of pro-choice faith group Catholics for Choice, is quoted as saying, “Religious freedom is a bogus argument by those who want to use religion to discriminate.” Catholics for Choice took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post last week asking: What’s happening to the separation of church and state?

O’Brien went on to say, “The idea that a corporation has a conscience is for many of us completely ridiculous. It’s granting power to business owners with extremist religious beliefs.”

The bottom line is, religion has no place in issues of this sort. Religion is, as it has been for time immemorial, an excuse to break the law, kill people, conquer people and land, and refuse to help people in need. For all its fundamental Christian ideals, Hobby Lobby and the others involved, conveniently play the religion card but forget that their Messiah turned NO ONE away for any reason. They’re not Christ-like; they are capitalist opportunists hiding behind religion for their own gain.

A religion of any flavor is menacing when used by people to harm others or to shield themselves from public censure. Invoking religion as an excuse usually stops disagreement: God told me to do it is the universal reason as to why it’s all right to do evil.

Isn’t is interesting that we can criticize most anything except religion. We can condemn politics and politicians, harp about the use of public funds, but go after religion and we’re denounced as attackers of a god. Why should religion get a pass?

Homosexuality, which is not a problem, is made a problem by religion. Homosexuals are murdered in places throughout the world. Surprisingly, America is further advanced relative to homosexuality than much of the rest of the world. Fred Phelps is dead, but his specter remains in many Americans who condemn homosexuality on the grounds that God hates it.

Yes, the Bible does have passages condemning homosexuality, but until we see the Bible for what it is — a repository of myths that many want to believe are facts — we will continue to see it used to refuse people their rights. Why should take orders from a book that dates to the Bronze Age?

We are in the 21st century. It is time for all gods, particularly Yahweh, to join the pantheon of Greek deities as interesting creations but hardly relevant?


2 thoughts on “Religion Raises its Pervasive Head

  1. When I wrote my novel that was inspired by the real-life religious hijacking of my two daughters, readers claimed I was brave for shedding light on such an atrocity committed by fundamentalist Christianity gone awry. I only know that I needed to share our story, which reflects events common throughout the world: the destruction of friendships, families, and societies, stemming from rigid, intolerant faiths, as well as humankind’s struggle against the injustice and inhumanity of such beliefs. Kudos to you for joining the crusade and shedding light.

    • Thank you. Religious issues such as ours need to be exposed. We “ordinary people”, whatever those are, need to create dialogues about the pervasiveness of religion in our lives wherever we are and whenever it comes up. Many people do not realize how much of their lives are dictated by religious ideology.

      Again, thank you for responding.

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