I Fight for Animals

Many of my essays will be on animal cruelty about which I am passionate to destroy, especially the horrors of the meat and fur industries. I am a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and I am well aware of the criticism of the organization for graphically exposing cruelty to animals, such as the throwing of blood on models for the fur industry and showing film of what takes place in slaughterhouses and fur farms. But, someone has to expose it in a way that grabs attention.

I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” The lives of all animals with which we share this planet are some of the “things that matter.”

Indeed, we are the guardians of all the animals on Earth. We are animals of Earth, but we have a special responsibility to them because of our place in the food chain; we’re not nourishment for other animals. They are nourishment for us. In order for most of us to live, a sentient critter has to die and be consumed. Can we not, at least, kill them in the most humane manner possible? Better yet, can we not adopt a plant based diet, a diet vastly more healthful than one based on flesh?

Plant-based diets would provide more land to use for growing vegetables, fruits, and grains because it takes many more acres to feed-out an animal for slaughter. Depending on climate and location, it takes from two to 90 acres per animal to produce a steer, and about an acre to produce three to five sheep to slaughter. The sum of acres needed for animals surely is in the millions.

Poultry production is hideous. Hundreds, even thousands, of these very sensitive birds are crammed together in coops and made to live in filth and forced to eat until they are sick. Certain breeds of chickens are bred to grow at accelerated rates so they are market-ready in about six weeks. So fast and heavy do they grow that they are unable to walk, but because they are created to never stop eating, they crawl to the feeding trough where they spend most of their lives. Their beaks are cut off so they won’t peck each other, and amputating a beak is tantamount to severing a finger on a human being.

Take a look at the video above: Why I Don’t Eat at KFC Any More.

And, it’s not only KFC; it includes all of the similar outlets for fried chicken. These restaurants order the slaughter of millions of chickens and other poultry every day. Next time you bite into a juicy chicken leg or a succulent piece of turkey, watch this video at the same time.

The meat industry, sans cruelty, might be justified because we’re talking food, protein nourishment needed for our bodies, although protein sources are abundant in plants as well. But, there is categorically no justification for the existence of the fur industry. No one anywhere on Earth needs fur, not even people who live at the North Pole. Many fabrics today are available and are much warmer than fur. The great majority of fur used is to show off how wealthy someone is.

Fur animals are treated worst of all, many being skinned alive. Dogs and cats by the thousands are skinned, and their hides are sold as other, more expensive furs. This industry includes wool, which is often just ripped from sheep in an effort to accommodate supply and demand.


We are responsible for their care. It says so in Exodus when God commissions Adam to have dominion over them. The word doesn’t just mean power; it also means protectorate. We are to protect them.

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To quote Leyla Hur, “As humans, we are the ONLY VOICE for helpless animals suffering needlessly, for the sole pleasure of human consumption, fashion, and enjoyment.”


Following are links to four extremely graphic videos showing casual animal cruelty. I dare you to watch this as you eat supper consisting of animal flesh while wearing anything with fur or made with leather.





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